beata hemer

Roof Souk

The square Värnhemstorget in Malmö is a center for a major part of the outgoing and incoming traffic of the city. It is a real hub of communication, with a lot of commuters that wait for and change buses.
The area is at the moment in a state of change, from being Malmö´s somewhat backyard it is now shifting to become a neighborhood with exploitation, new shopping malls and gentrification.
To create a more intimate character, this project suggests a roof structure that defines rooms in the otherwise quite vast and windy square.
The roof functions not only as a definer of space, but also gives opportunities to connect lamps, heaters and technical equipment to it, and of course it serves as a shield for the harsh and unfriendly weather in Malmö.
The main structure consists of steel beams forming triangular shapes. Different types of materials and patterns fill up the construction, forming exquisite shadows and rooms.

Studio project togehter with Oskar Edström, Sara Hellgren and Marta Nestorov.
Autumn 2008.

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