beata hemer


bachelor project spring 2011.

Imagine yourself a rope of pearls, diamonds being thrown out in the park. Some of them solitary, others clustered together, forming rooms inside and outside.
These building structures, made of concrete and glass, consist of 4-5 smaller studios where artists in residence live and work for a couple of months. The studios are secluded, occupied by contemplative artist who search concentration and quietness. In contrast to the studios a larger group of buildings forms a node of activity where the artists meet, socialize, perform, bathe, work in the workshop and integrate with the visitors.
With slightly tilted, thick walls and high ceiling you get the feeling of being in a rough and free place, where work and experiment can take place. The high windows stretching from floor to ceiling, with deep niches, provides the indispensable sunlight.
Outside new gardens within the park grow up. Fruit trees and berries grow seemingly wild, you ́ll find strawberries and potato fields in the high grass. Here and there walls and slabs emerge from the wild grass, resembling the structure of the buildings and providing outdoor rooms for act, show or rest.

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